We're not just buying Bitcoin... the Hounds too.

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Ai Hounds Project X The stunning collection of 🔥10.000 Ai Hounds Project X🔥 Future its tech, and NFT is the future of art. Each Ai hound grants you access to future collections of exclusive AI art, the best Discord for holders only, participating in the development of the project, and more! Join us for fun and beauty!

"Hounds Max Bidding"

- FAQ -

Hounds is a collection created by three friends who presented their vision of art through ai modeling and put their heart and soul into this collection.

There are 10,000 Hounds NFT. You can mint the first 200 for free. The remaining 9500 are priced at 0.012 ETH.

While minting for a WhiteList you may mint 1 NFT. During free mint (200 NFTs), you may mint 1 NFTs. For the remaining 9.500 up to 5 NFTs per transaction.

300 Hounds will be reserved for creators and marketing. All other will be available for public mint.

Yes. The link to it is in the site's header.

• Go to the Mint page on our website

• Write your ETH Public Address

• Enjoy your NFT on the Opensea website.

Yes. You can get into it by participating in Events on our social media (Twitter and Discord).

Once minted or bought simply connect to your OpenSea account to view your NFTs.

Yes! You will get full IP rights.

First and foremost, the enjoyment of ai art. Additionally, you get access to the closed community of Hounds owners, as well as Airdrop.

Of course, we have a huge number of ideas. We are constantly improving and ready to create.

There is an Etherscan icon in the header of our website. Clicking on it takes you to the smart contract page.

The Project X are buying

Hounds NFT

NFT Collection



266.578.000 kg

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